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Our Services

At A to Z Speech Therapy, we aim to provide every child with an individualized treatment plan to best serve your child's specific needs. This begins with a comprehensive evaluation or consultation through standardized testing, observations, and parent or professional reports. We will assess your child's specific areas of need and create a unique treatment plan in order to help your child succeed. 

If appropriate for your child, we offer virtual sessions.

We also provide classroom observations and therapy sessions at local schools if allowed and proudly collaborate with teachers and other specialists. There is an additional fee for school-based therapy sessions. 

We are certified providers of FastForWord, a Carnegie Learning program, which involves intensive computer-based therapy to address memory, attention, processing, and sequencing skills essential for reading and learning.

For more information on FastForWord, contact our office or visit their website at:

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Language & Learning Disorders

Does your child struggle to learn new words or often confuse the different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, etc)?

Social Skills and Pragmatic Language Disorders

Does you child struggle to use language appropriately in social situations?

Articulation & Phonlogical Disorders

Does your child have a hard time saying certain sounds or using the correct sound in certain words?

Oral Motor

& Feeding Disorders

Does your child have trouble controlling their jaw, lips, or tongue muscles? Is their ability to chew or swallow affected?

Receptive and Expressive Language Delays

Does your child struggle to understand others or share their thoughts? 

Word Retrieval Difficulties

Does your child understand language but often struggles to find the right word?

Voice Disorders

Does your child experience issues with vocal fatigue, pitch, volume, or frequent vocal inconsistency? 

Reading and Writing Deficits

Does your child's articulation or language difficulties affect their ability to read or write?

Fluency Disorders 

Does your child stutter, struggle with pacing, or often avoid certain words or sounds?

Auditory Processing Deficits

Does your child have a specific difficulty with understanding verbal language or filtering out background noise? Do they require frequent repetition?  

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